Hong Kong Dynasty Club

  • Hospitality Restaurant Lighting Design Telcs Asia Hongkong - Dynasty Club
  • Hospitality Restaurant Lighting Design Telcs Asia Hongkong - Dynasty Club

Hong Kong Dynasty Club


Hong Kong


2,800 sqm


20 November

About This Project

Lighting design for one of the most prestigious private membership clubs in Hong Kong, needs to be as sophisticated as it needs to be subtle and inobtrusive. The wealthy clientele is used to the best worldwide and thus expects nothing less.

The Dynasty Club is conveniently located within the same complex as the world renowned “The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre” and Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. After opening in 1989 it had a major renovation of the 7th Floor in 2011 to rejuvenate the Club.

In 2013, the 8th floor was renovated. A rich blend of high end wall carpets and wooden veneers needed to be put into scenery in the dining areas, while the sports facilities needed to be efficiently lit with only a secondary consideration being aesthetics.

TELCS solution was a variety of LED fittings ranging from QRB111 replacements to 7W, 450lm MR16 bulbs, all in interna color, to reference fluorescent fittings with efficiencies of beyond 90%.

For the dimmings system the choice was made to use the world’s most efficient, low-energy dimming System of Eltako. This was a first for Hong Kong, but the choice was made easy by several important factors.

Eltako is the world’s only dimming system that can dim all dimmable LED’s flicker free.
In addition, Eltako has wireless switches with an energy harvesting technology that do not need batteries, but use the kinetic energy of the switching process, to send a radio signal.

The achievements were amazing. Not only did the Club achieve absolute splendor, but in addition it was achieved with lowest energy consumption in its class.

Size: 2,800 sqm
Architect: Andrew Sobenko Associates Ltd.